National Park “Plitvice Lakes” – a glorious empire of unsurpassable natural beauties

Located in the very heartland of Croatia, only 130 km from Zagreb, National Park Plitvice Lakes offers a thrilling and exciting adventure for more than a million and a half tourists each year. Due to its spectacular and breathtaking scenery, amazing turquoise lakes, unique fauna, and rich biodiversity, this National Park proudly holds the title of UNESCO’s first and oldest World Heritage Site in the country. The legend says that after a long drought, the Black Queen poured heavy rain on the karst and dry soil, and the water which remained after the rain simply formed the magnificent lakes, but scientists would say that only life itself can connect stone, water, and forest in such a glorious and colorful way.

This spectacular feat of nature is famed for its ensemble of 16 lakes, although they cover only about 1 % of the 300 km2, which is the total park area. The rest of the park is covered in forest vegetation and grassland, thus providing an ideal home for more than 250 animal species, many of which are rare and endangered. Since Plitvice Lake National Park is positioned in the mountainous part of the country, and the lakes are divided into Upper and Lower ones. Upper Lakes are quite larger and formed on impermeable dolomite rocks, while the Lower Lakes are smaller, formed on the permeable limestone, cut into a deep canyon, and ending with stunning waterfalls.

All of this together presents a unique opportunity to experience all the beauties of untouched nature in one place. Apart from unsurpassable natural beauties, at National Park Plitvice you can also enjoy and discover many other services and pleasures. You can stay in a luxurious hotel, wine and dine in fine restaurants, take some of the more personalized tours, and learn a lot about the Park from the specialized guides.

If you want to truly bond with nature and be the guest of one of the most valuable natural areas in the whole world, then visiting Plitvice Lakes is something you should definitely consider. Find the option that suits you best with Budget Transfer and enjoy the one-day-trip to the world of untouched nature.

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